Monday, December 21, 2009

Tacos...well, they were made at home

So for dinner this time, I made store tacos. Homemade of course...well, I made them at home anyway, just not from scratch.  Sometimes, I just want something fast, cheap, and easy. This fit the bill. I bought all the supplies at Aldi, of course. Here is the breakdown...
1-lb ground turkey ($1.19) or beef
taco seasoning ($0.33)
taco shells ($0.98)
refried beans ($0.69)
shredded cheese
$3.19 (this doesn't include the cost of shredded cheese or salsa, which I consider to be staples around the house all the time....shredded cheese at Aldi is $2.29 which is about $0.20/ounce and salsa is $1.99-I think)

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