Monday, September 27, 2010

What's Cookin' this week?

     I know a lot of you reading my blog shop at Aldi. Just a warning for you, my debit/pin number was stolen a couple of weeks ago from there. Come to find out there is a big fraud investigation underway, not just here in Indiana, but nationwide. From now on, use cash at Aldi.

     I have found that many of the recipes we use each week have already been posted on my blog, so I'm trying to make something new each week if time/babies allow. I thought I would start posting my weekly menu plan, so you can see what we are having...and it's a good way to repost some great recipes that have been lost in the archive too!

Our breakfast menu is pretty much the same each week...
cereal, breakfast sandwich, egg roll up, pancakes, oatmeal

On the dinner(leftovers for lunch) menu this week we will have:
Monday- vigo rice  Tacos $3.50 homemade taco seasoning
Tuesday- Chicken Basil Pesto Penne $3.00
Wednesday- Beer Batter Dough Pizza $3.00?
Thursday- Ham ($1.29/lb @Aldi), Rolls, Broccoli $3.50
Friday- Meatloaf, corn on the cobb, mashed potatoes $3.50
Saturday- Fajitas $5.00

Yes, I bought eight pounds of ham this week so stay tuned for more recipes using ham. I will cook the ham all day on Thursday and freeze what we don't eat for later recipes.

Also, I finally found canned pumpkin. I'll be stocking up this year since there seemed to be a pumpkin shortage until now. I plan to make muffins sometime this week. I'll post the recipe. **update: muffin recipe here**

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  1. Hi! I just found you. I'm making your spaghetti sauce tonight. I've been a SAHM since May after many years of working too much. I now have time to cook and am enjoying it so much! I know I will be trying some more of your recipes!

  2. Thanks for joining! We love that spaghetti sauce and only use something else when time is an issue. Enjoy!


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