Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Don't try this at home, people!

     There have only been three meals that I can remember which turned out so badly that we had to go out to dinner.
  1. A layered Mexican type dish. No one wanted to say it was bad, so they all took several bites until I put an end to the madness and ordered pizza. So gross!
  2. Cornish hens. These were not so bad in taste, but they looked like the birds and I couldn't eat them. It's really better not to think about where the meat comes from when you are trying to eat it. Chipotle, here we come!
  3. Tonight's meal: mock gyros and tzatzki sauce. I took a bite and said, "Well, it's not the worst thing I've ever made." And it wasn't...The layered Mexican thing was still the worst. I purposely left it sounding hopeful though so the hubs would take a bite...(I'm a mean, evil wife). He disagreed on which was worse. One person in our house thought it was fabulous though. Miss E finished up her helping as we got cleaned up to go out to the local authentic Mexican restaurant.  (so much for no salt this week!)

Miss E cleaning her plate


  1. Oh that's too bad!! So dissappointing when it turns out that bad. Hopefully next week will turn out better!!

  2. There always seems to be one person in every family with weirdo taste. Cute! I've had more than 3 mishaps in my short cooking career, so you're actually an inspiration!


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