Monday, November 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday Oct7-13

     Last weekend was a little crazy, and I didn't get my menu plan posted. I actually didn't even make it to the store until Tuesday because of travel and Miss E's bronchitis. She is much better now, in case you were wondering. This week, I'm on it. There are a couple of new things on here, but I'm also  trying to get some things out of my freezer. My goal has been to freeze things we can't eat, but as a result I have ended up with an overflowing supply! I'm also still trying to watch the fat, salts, and sugar intake. Although, I'm not being as strict about it as I was at first, I feel that some effort to monitor those things has to be healthier than not paying attention to them at all.

     Apple Pie Oatmeal
     Turkey sausage and fruit
     Frozen Amish Pancakes
     Frozen Pumpkin Streusel Muffins
     Pot Roast (new recipe!)mashed potatoes, rolls
     Crock Pot Turkey (new recipe coming soon!) green beans, potatoes
     BBQ Chicken Potatoes, Broccoli
     Meatballs (This is becoming a regular), potato, asparagus
     Pork Fried Rice
     Portobello Pizza, garlic mashed potatoes
     Homemade Pizza Night w/frozen dough, sausage marinara, and mozzarella chunks

Wow, looking back, I need to get some variety in our sides. I seem to focus more on the main dish and have potatoes for side every night. I will make my husband not so picky....eventually!
Maybe I should follow my own advice and head over to Orgjunkie to see what other people are eating this week.


  1. This is probably a really silly question, but when you have the pancakes or the muffins from the freezer, do you set them out the night before so they thaw? Or cook them from frozen (microwave/toaster)?

    I like the idea of making a nice batch of pancakes for my husband and I for breakfast during the week, but I've no real idea how to go about it.

  2. It's not silly. If I'm thinking ahead, I thaw them the night before. If I'm not, I have thawed them in the microwave the morning of before. I try to do it the night before if I can...the less I have to do before coffee, the better!


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