Monday, January 10, 2011

Menu Plan Jan 10--Jan 15

     This week is full of new recipes for us to try. It's supposed to snow a lot, so I figured since we would be trapped at home this would be the week to try some new recipes. I'm looking forward to relaxing in my nice warm kitchen and forgetting about the winter snow. I'm so ready for spring. I say every year that I should move somewhere warmer...

baked oatmeal
breakfast sandwich 
egg roll ups

banana bread
carrot sticks w/ veggie cream cheese
fruit w/ plain yogurt and honey
Honey pecan chicken salad pitas 

Dinners (leftovers for lunch):
baked chicken and caprese salad
spinach salad w/ feta, mandarins, and chicken; rolls
stuffed bell peppers
sloppy joe meatloaf, broccoli
beer stew mexicana
szechuan beef and broccoli (or out, since Mom is babysitting!)

Head over to OrgJunkie for hundreds more menu plans!

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