Monday, February 21, 2011

Menu Plan Feb 20-25

     This weekend was so busy. We went to a birthday party for a special two year old (I think my daughter is beginning to wonder if she gets to have a birthday, since we've been to four birthday parties since Christmas!). We had an old friend come for dinner. We hosted "poker night" at our house. We also had a list of other errands to run...including getting some things done for my daughter's birthday party. With all these gatherings, I did get to try a few new recipes. Two of these came from Alli N' Son  and were fabulous. Check out her rosemary foccacia and spicy chocolate chip cookies. I followed both recipes as stated (except I used whole wheat flour for both) so I won't be making a separate post about them. I used the foccacia as a bread for my jerk chicken sandwiches. The cookies were made for poker night, and I offered extra chips to the person who could guess the "secret" ingredient to make them spicy. No one got it. The cookies were gone at the end of the night, so they must have been a hit. I'll try to post some other recipe throughout the week. One of them is a very good and somewhat healthy blueberry cream cheese dessert!


Dinners/leftovers for Lunch
Chicken smothered with Jack con Queso ; Zucchini and Corn Saute
Red Beans and Rice
omelets, yogurt and fruit parfaits (Wow, I need a better picture of that!)
sausage Lasagna
Chicken and black bean quesadilla, salad
pizza roll ups, salad
meatloaf, rolls, green beans

Head over to OrgJunkie for hundreds of menu plans!

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