Monday, February 7, 2011

Menu Plan Feb 7--Feb 12

     Last week, I was so glad to have planned my menu over the weekend. We got 4 inches of ice on Tuesday, then 3 more inches of snow on top of it later in the week. Needless to say, we were going crazy being stuck in the house, but we had enough food to eat! I'm so thankful our power didn't go out like some people in our area.
     Sticking to my goal, I have my menu planned again this week. We are ready of there is any crazy weather, and we are definitely looking forward to this weekend's "unseasonably warm" temperatures!
     We spent $57 this week at the store. This includes all we will need for the week and a couple extra things, just in case!

Canadian bacon english muffin sandwich
breakfast scramble
blueberry muffins
waffles, which my one year old calls "awfuls" A word we need to work on, I guess

homemade frozen yogurt (recipe later...if it's good!)
greek yogurt (it's my first time!)
peanut butter on rice cakes
carrot sticks
hummus, baked chips

stroganoff, green beans (moved over from last week)
meatballs, broccoli, baked sweet potato
spaghetti with sausage sauce and zucchini
New Mac N cheese recipe with ham and broccoli
--visiting friends for a traditional English dinner! I'm making a chocolate chip babka!

This is linked to OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday. Check out her site each week for tons of menu plan ideas! 

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