Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Plan March 21--25

     The birthday party is over, and it was a success. All the kids had so much fun, and I think the adults did much as you can at a two year old's birthday party, I guess. Since this is a food blog, I will give you a little glimpse of the food we had at the party.

The party menu
Brobee green fruit salad (apples and grapes)
Muno red chocolate dipped pretzel rods
Toodee blue corn chips
Plex yellow Velveeta and Rotel
Foofa pink flower cupcakes

And, now for the regular menu this week.
Burger King
Carmel Apple Babka (new recipe, yum!)
bagels with cream cheese and jelly
bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich

Dinners/Leftovers for lunch
Spaghetti and chopped veggie salad
omelettes and yogurt parfait
Chicken and Rice Taco Toss
Spicy Chicken Stromboli
Crock Pot Round Steak

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  1. I love your Yo Gabba Gabba menu! What an adorable party theme!

  2. Thanks! My daughter is obsessed with that show.


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