Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Plan Apr25-29

     After a wonderful weekend of visiting with family, it was hard to come back and prepare for the week. I try to do my menu plans on Sunday night, so I can get to the store before our friend (that I babysit) comes to play, but I had no motivation after the busy schedule we had. I feel like this week, I'm trying to use up some of the unhealthy things we have collected, so that we can get back into eating the way we should. Sometimes, I wonder what motivates me to buy these things I know I shouldn't...oh, the taste. Needless to say, we will enjoy our food this week!
     The last time we went to Sam's, one of the samples was a piece of breaded chicken. It was delicious and much better than the chicken nuggets I usually buy for Miss E. I bought them without reading the package. When I got home, I found out they could not be microwaved and they were huge chicken breasts, not small chicken tenders that could be made quickly for lunch. Note to self: read what you are buying. I know, I know.

Dinners/Leftovers for Lunch
Grilled burgers with Swiss on English Muffins, broccoli, Mac N'Cheese
Frozen Breaded Chicken Breasts, Mashed Potato w/Hidden Cauliflower, Mixed Veggies
BBQ Pork Chop, Parmesan Rice A Roni, Green Beans
Chicken Alfredo, Spinach, Tomato Pizza (on Beer Batter Pizza Dough)
Stroganoff w/whole wheat egg noodles, broccoli

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  1. Hi, I'm stopping by from MPM. BBQ pork sounds delish! Have a great week.


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