Monday, April 4, 2011

Menu Plan April 4-10

     This week, yet again, is a week of new recipes. That reminds me, I need to post some recipes from last week! The rain is not encouraging me to do much of anything. I can't complain though, the high has been in the 40's or above for a couple of weeks. Spring is on the way (despite the fact that it's already technically Spring!).

muffins of some kind

Taco Flavored Doritos (healthy, right?)
Celery w/ PB and honey
dried apricots
granola bars

Dinners/Lunches (leftovers)
New Meatballs w/ Mock Ikea sauce and garlic mashed potatoes (with hidden cauliflower)
Fajitas with veggies
Grilled Bacon Wrapped BBQ Chicken Tenders, broccoli
Sweet Chicken Kebabs, Mixed Veggies
Breakfast for Dinner: Egg, Bacon, and Cheese sandwiches
Birthday Party Cookout at Friend's
Family Picture Day, Dining Out

Head over to OrgJunkie for more menu plans

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