Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Menu Plan June 20-24

     Summer! I love it, but I can't seem to get hold of a schedule that works. Sometimes we are so busy...but don't get me wrong. I'd rather have it this way, than have nothing to do in the freezing cold. I HATE LOATHE *Insert any word that means can't stand it, I want to move somewhere sunny and warm* winter! I was really just offering an explanation of my spotty blogging lately.
     I think we might actually eat all that I have planned this week, which hasn't happened in a few. Things always come up. I'm also going to be looking for ways to use zucchini. Our raised bed produced two mature veggies yesterday...and a couple more will be ready in a few days. I didn't expect that much from two tiny (not anymore) zucchini plants!

Here is the plan:

Waffles (from frozen homemade stash)
Cereal with apples
yogurt and granola parfait
Muffins (probably zucchini or banana or both together)

Cheese and crackers
Zucchini or banana something

BLT wraps
Chili Mix over Rice
Grilled Steak(yay sale!), mashed potatoes, rolls
Chicken corn tacos

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