Monday, August 15, 2011

Menu Plan August 14-19

     This menu has a few quick and easy dinners (ie: store bought *gasp*) and a couple of new ones. I meant to try out a new bread recipe today, but I went to make it and saw that it needs to rest in the refrigerator 12-24 hours! I might have to plan another meal for basil bread next week, because it sounded so good and unusual.
     This is also the last week of the Indiana state fair. It's one of the most unhealthy state fairs in the country (Aren't we proud?)  I'm excited to get some molasses for these cookies. Although, I'm not sure I'll try any delicacies this year. I hear they include an ice cream burger, a french toast burger, and deep fried ice cream....although come to think of it, I might try the deep fried ice cream! I didn't see it mentioned on that link, but I hear there is also deep fried kool-aid. That just sounds gross!
Anyway...Here is the menu for this week...

The usual suspects
Yogurt, fruit
Sausage Braid (Recipe later!)

Taco pizza on Beer batter pizza dough 
Pasta with Alfredo sauce (meatfree for next Monday)
Grilled hot dogs with homemade buns
Frozen Stir Fry
State Fair!
Empanadas (quick and easy recipe to come!)
Omelets and muffins

OrgJunkie's Menu Plan Monday is a link up with hundreds of other meal plans!

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