Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Menu Plan: October 2-7

     The menu plan is better late than never as they say. I was working on it, then I threw out the whole thing and started over. I needed to find recipes that included apples since we picked so many last weekend. I don't want to just make desserts, and this is the perfect opportunity to try some different things.

Maple Cinnamon Quinoa
granola bar with apple slices
Apple Pie Oatmeal
Baked Apple Pita

Brown Paper Bag Apple Pie (post on Thursday night)
other various apple snacks
not microwave popcorn popcorn

Dinners/Lunches (leftovers):
Vegetable Lasagna
Dinner w/Friends: Lunch: Open Faced Turkey, Apple, and Cheese
Grilled BBQ Chicken and Corn on Cob (from Farmer's Market!)
Apple Home Fries breakfast for Dinner
Stir Fry

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