Sunday, October 2, 2011

Where did I go on Facebook?

    While I'm still mildly annoyed that facebook has yet again changed it format, I've become used to the new design. Although I'm still working out a few things that will make it easier for me to tolerate.
     I thought that I had fixed all the things that annoyed me the most, like my news feed not being in chronological order. That's the OCD in me I guess. If you are wondering how I did that: Basically, I created a list of "everyone" and now use that instead of the "news feed." It makes it just like the old facebook.
    The problem with my new "everyone" list is that I forgot to add pages in. I wondered why I wasn't getting updates from my favorite pages, so I went back in to make sure the pages were all checked too. If you aren't getting updates from your favorite pages...including Penny Pinching Provisions... then create a list of just pages or make an everyone list like I did.

In food news, I'm working on my menu this week and trying to find a lot of great things to make with the 24 pounds of apples we picked yesterday!

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