Sunday, November 20, 2011

Menu Plan November 20-24

     I guess it's been a while since I've made a menu plan. I'm not really sure how I've been forgetting as I read so many of your blogs that post a plan each week. It has been crazy around here. October we were out of town every weekend and November didn't bring the relaxation we thought it would have. We have had things to do in November too. I fear it will only get worse until the New Year when we will never go anywhere because I was made to live somewhere warm. Not Indiana! I dread even thinking of it.
     Of course our plan will be short, since it's Thanksgiving. Only last week, I realized that it was this week. I thought I still had two weeks to prepare my belly. We are eating light for the few days heading up to Turkey Day, especially after eating at Fogo De Meat Coma this weekend! If you've never been, and you have a chance you should go. I warn you in advance, "Salad Bar" in Brazil apparently means a couple vegetables, cheese, and a  whole lot of cured meats! That's not even the half of the meat you will consume. In light of that, a couple of vegatarian options for this week.
     Also, there will be no Meatfree Monday until the New Year! I'm so sorry if you look forward to that each week. With all the upcoming travel, there is no way I can commit to regular posting.

Red Beans and Rice
Wonton Soup
Oatmeal and Mixed Fruit
omelet and mixed fruit

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