Monday, January 30, 2012

Menu Plan Jan 29-Feb 4

     Are you ready for and commercials? I bet you thought I would say football, didn't you? I may be in Indianapolis, but it's not because the Superbowl is here. I'm trying to stay away from the 150,000 extra people that have invaded my city. While all the excitement seems to be fun for some, I prefer the warmth of my home over brushing up against a bunch of people I don't know and walking through shoulder to shoulder crowds  trying to see over people who are at least 4 inches taller than me. I plan on a nice evening at home or maybe with friends. Either way, there is sure to be food and a good time.
     In honor of the big game and all the coinciding parties, I'm going to post some ideas for food and snacks to make your bash a huge success. It seems like most parties have chili and appetizers, so I have some of those as well as some other ideas. I only included one cookie, my favorite, but any cookie would be great for a party since most recipes make a lot and are easy to pick up during breaks. (The numbers in the collage correspond with the link to the recipe below)

1- Meatballs-a classic party food. Stick them in the crock pot to keep them warm
2- Pizza Roll Ups-not so classic, but slice into small rolls and it's the perfect snack
3- Pulled Pork- yum!
4- Spicy Chicken Stromboli-These are great because they are sliced into smaller pieces
5- Taco Stuffed Shells-These seem almost appetizer like, but could be a main dish too
6- Taco Soup-if you don't want chili, this would be a great alternative
7- Tailgate Chili--an Indiana classic
8- Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers-What's a party without these?
9- Party Pizzas--These are expected at our house every New Year's
10-Pepperoni Pizza Roll ups (from Bo's Bowl)--I've made these twice since he posted them last week!
11-Texas Caviar--Dip and Chips: you can't go wrong
12-Punk Love's Baked Beans-A summer classic is great for the Superbowl too!
13-Minnie's Cookies--My very favorite cookie
14-Fruit Salad--Something a little lighter...the "sauce" is amazing

Menu Plan
birthday cupcakes for J

Chicken Cordon Bleu braid
E's friend: Birthday Party
Quinoa and black beans
J's birthday (out)
Chicken and Dumpling Casserole
Pizza Roll Ups

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