Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A New Name?

     I'm considering a new name for my blog. Am I crazy? I'm interested in feedback, especially those who have changed their blog name in the past. I have so many questions...Did you change your url? Did you just change the banner title of your blog? Did you lose/gain traffic? etc...
     Mainly, I'm thinking of a "rebirth" because Penny Pinching Provisions doesn't really fit with what I am about right now, or where I think I'm headed...and it seems like a long title for a blog. I've been running out of ideas for what to post, which is partly why you haven't seen much of me lately. Here is my vision...See what you think (and post comments to let me know!)
I want to live healthfully. I want to live frugally. I want to live simply.

Restoring: Health
     I'm really trying to focus on eating healthy. The nearly failed glucose testing a few weeks ago really made me think about my health. As I've been watching my sugar intake, I've noticed sugar is in everything! Even things that aren't sweet...Really, potato chips need sugar? I'm not saying I'll never eat sugar again. If you've been reading my blog, you know I love desserts. My focus will shift a little more to making desserts and other foods healthier, if possible...and splurging now and again too. I now know a splurge doesn't mean every other day! I really want to focus on eating real, made from scratch, kid-friendly (in most cases), not processed food. I want to focus on being healthy.

Restoring: Life/Freedom
     Even though I'm eating healthier and staying away from processed/refined foods, I still have to have a grocery budget. And, a life budget, for that matter. It's the only way I can stay at home with my girls. While the focus of Penny Pinching Provisions started out to be a blog about cooking on a budget, it was really just recipes that I tried, liked, and wanted to share with you. So the blog title didn't/doesn't really fit with what was actually happening on the blog. I want to be able to share that you can eat good healthy food and still be a penny-pincher. I want to share life with you, not just meals. Although, sharing food with people is one of the best ways to get to know them...Have you been on many dates or outings with friends that didn't involve food of some kind? I want to be able to share what are doing with our preschool at home. I used to be a teacher before I was a mom, so teaching Eden preschool instead of sending her away is another way we save. I want to focus on reducing debt and living frugally, so I can keep staying at home.

Restoring: Simplicity
     I feel like things just need to be more simple. Apparently, having two kids is a big step from having one kid. I will have to re-think the way things are done. Rethinking my schedule and making time for two is going to be much harder than entertaining one! I want to focus on taking out all the extra stuff. Hopefully, I will come up with or find some good ways to get things done. I've always been good at organizing, but somehow I've gotten away from that without the confines of a job to keep me on track. I want to be more organized. I want to be able to share my ideas with you too. I want to focus on living simply...which will also help with eating healthier meals and not spending a lot on the foods to make that possible.

Is there anything else you would like to read about?

As you may have guessed, the name I'm thinking of changing to has to do with "restoring." I'm still deciding between Robin: Restored or Restoring Robin. A journey of health, life, and simplicity. (maybe?)
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