Friday, May 4, 2012

Craftiness: I Love You This Much!

    I mentioned in my post about changing my blog name that I wanted to write a little about doing preschool at home. I have a teaching degree, and taught third grade for 7 years. That, however, does not make me an expert in early childhood education. I don't push it...Hey, I don't even do "preschool" every day. I try to do what I can with the time we have. One of the reasons I "retired" from teaching was to stay home, and the cost of childcare in our area made that an easy decision. I would be spending all I made to put her in childcare. So, we do preschool at home...which also helps us afford ballet lessons, but that is another story for another day.
     This morning we had a crafty day. It was really a multipurpose craft, since we were making a card for a family member who has been in the hospital. I saw this card on pinterest and thought he would just love it! I let Eden trace her own hands, which as you can see turns out to be monster hands! We might need to work on that a little more. She cut the straight strip and folded it  to make the accordion inside the card, and she wrote the letters for the hands of the card. Now, our card doesn't look as pretty as the original version we saw, but she tried her best and did it all herself! Of course, we took pictures along the way, so we could give those with the card.

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