Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kid's Summer Gift - Under $10

     Now that Miss E is getting older, she is getting invited to a lot more birthday parties for friends. This can get expensive, but it doesn't have to be! This weekend, we'll be attending a party for a little girl who is turning 4.
     I think the easiest way to pick a gift for someone is to start off by thinking of a theme. I thought a gift focusing on summer fun would be appropriate since it's the middle of May. I like to buy gifts for people that can be used outside, if possible. Everyone has all kinds of toys for inside, but outside toys generally take up less space and are so much fun after being stuck inside all winter. I let Eden help pick out what she would want to play with outside, and we tried to keep in mind that the receiver may be sharing these gifts with older siblings. We started off at Target, and then headed to the Dollar Tree. Everything could be bought at either place if you wished. I also used a gift bag that we already had, but you could buy a bag, pail, or other reusable bucket/basket.
What's in the gift?
First from Target:
     Del Monte Fruit Chillers $2.14
         Freeze Pops that are mostly fruit puree, very little added sugar
     Sidewalk Chalk $1.00
Dollar Tree:
     Hopscotch Kit (I was a sucker, and bought one for E too!)
     Mini Pinwheels
     Water Balloons w/ faucet spout
     Ice Cream shaped bubbles
     Jump Rope
     Flamingo Sunglasses
The total? $9.47
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