Monday, June 4, 2012

Menu Plan June 3-9

     For the sake of my budget, I'm planning easy things from here on out. Besides the weather being super hot; Miss Ezra is taking away all motivation  to cook these days. (Only four more weeks of this, right?) My goal was to plan simple and mostly pretty quick meals. I figure if that is what I have on hand, it will be easier to motivate myself to cook than to just go get something quick to eat at a restaurant.
It's pretty vague, but this is what my plan includes this week:

Grilled burgers (I don't have to cook those! Yay for man grillers:)
General Tso Chicken (sauce from Trader Joe's) with brown rice
Cheeseburger Macaroni
Grilled Chicken w/ broccoli
Saucy Meatloaf w/ corn
Breakfast for dinner: hashbrown, egg, and cheese muffin cups
Burrito Nachos

If I get super motivated, I would like to try:
English Muffins

Linked up to Menu Plan Monday hosted by orgjunkie

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