Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watermelon Pops

     Popsicles are the perfect summertime treat. Frozen goodies that not only taste great, but also cool you off when it's super hot. The problem is that most Popsicles are loaded with sugar and other stuff you don't want to put in your body. I've found very few store-bought pops that don't have a lot of extra, unnecessary ingredients. It's so easy to make your own Popsicles, and you can also control what is in them. With only two ingredients, this recipe is sure to please.
     We found a great deal on watermelon at the store last week. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't really like watermelon and it's hard for Eden and I to eat a whole watermelon by ourselves. So, I came up with the idea to try making Popsicles with it. I figured since watermelon was so, well, watery it should freeze pretty well. My theory was right. These were so good, and it the spot! I even added a few blueberries to make it look like watermelon seeds.

Other Popsicles I've made are chocolate pudding pops and frozen yogurt pops (strawberry).
Watermelon, cubed

  • Place a few cubes of watermelon in a food processor or blender. Blend until smooth. 
  • Pour into Popsicle mold and drop in a few blueberries.
  • Freeze and enjoy.
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