Friday, August 31, 2012

Mega Swagbucks Friday

What is Swagbucks? It's my favorite place to earn free stuff.
How does it work? The most basic answer: Sign up. Search the web. Get stuff.
Is there a catch? Nope. Not that I have encountered.

     I have been on Swagbucks for about six weeks now. I have earned enough Swagbucks (free points) to purchase four $5 Amazon giftcards. There are other things to purchase too, but I pretty much keep Amazon in business, so that works for me. Other things you can "buy" with your Swagbucks include gift cards, books, Android/Apple apps, makeup, jewelry, electronics and much more.
    How do you earn these Swagbucks? You can earn four a day just for logging into the toolbar you can install, answering a poll question, and skipping through the special offers (you have no obligation, just skip through to the end). This takes me about a minute each day. Other Swagbucks are randomly awarded by using their search engine. I have a widget at the bottom of my blog that can randomly give you a code for Swagbucks too. On the Swagbucks homepage, there are also video clips, tv clips, and special offers that can help you earn. I usually just stick with the basic four and the searching. The best website I have found to explain everything is Swaggin101. They tell you everything you need to know about Swagbucks.
     If you are interested in Swagbucks, today is a great way to join. Fridays are MegaSwagbucks days. This means Swagbucks are awarded more freely than other days. The amounts are higher and they happen more often. Start Swaggin...

Search & Win

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