Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pinteresting Review: Burp Cloths (My Lazy Way)

     Do you need a quick and easy baby shower gift? Or maybe a gift to take with you when you take the new Mama a meal? This Pinteresting Review is for you.
    When Big E was born, we received two adorable embroidered cloth diapers to use as burp cloths. Those became my favorite burp cloths. They were cute, big, and absorbent. When I saw this pin on Pinterest, I figured I'd make some for Little E. This way, she wouldn't have to use those with Big E's name on them! Not that it really matters; they just spit up all over them.
     Anyhow, the directions given seemed pretty easy. But, I'm lazy when it comes to sewing. I'm especially lazy about ironing and folding over hems before sewing so I made this a little easier for my sake...and yours too if you choose to make your own. I even added something a little special to the bottom to really finish it off...Thanks to a friend's mom for the idea!

Materials Needed:
Prefold Cloth Diapers
Fabric of choice
Coordinating Ribbon

  • Wash and dry the diapers and the fabric. This will prevent shrinking later.
  • Measure about how long your diapers are and cut strips that length and 5-8 inches wide (depends how wide you want your middle strip). This is the lazy way, don't leave room for hemming. My diapers were all between 18-20 inches after washing.
  • Cut two strips of ribbon for each diaper.
  • Lay fabric down on the center of the diaper. Lay ribbon over the edge of the fabric and pin. This way you don't have to hem the fabric since the edges are hidden under the ribbon! Sew a zig-zag if you chose a thin ribbon, or two straight stitches if you chose a wider ribbon. (See picture above)
  • Add the binding to the short edges to hide the edges and prevent fraying. (See below)

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