Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pinteresting Review: DIY Pull-Ups

     This pin for DIY cloth training pants is all over Pinterest. It was pinned so many times, and so many people commented on the original post that the creator made an etsy site to sell the training pants! I have a three year old, so naturally, I had to review this pin.
     We are done with potty training during the day. We have been for some time. We were only buying pull-ups to use at night, and most nights they were dry too. The pull-ups were irritating to the skin, so much that I asked the doctor about it. She knew exactly what I was talking about. So, if all kids are getting this irritation, why aren't the makers of training pants changing their irritating chemicals? Who knows, but now I have a new solution. These cloth trainers you can make yourself. could buy premade cloth trainers
at around $15 a pair! No, thank you.
     I made six pairs of these "pajama underwear" as we call them. I spent about $22 for the Gerber training pants, 1/4 yard PUL fabric, and 1/2 yard flannel. I got the fabric at Hobby Lobby. Like I said, I made six pairs, but I have enough fabric left over that I could probably make six more.
     I followed the directions from the original post, so I won't re-type them. Follow the link to see her post, which includes pictures for each step. Cutting out the pattern, was the part that seemed to take the longest. I used two pieces of flannel and one PUL for each pair. Once I had all the pieces cut, I could make a pair of underwear in about 15 minutes! they work? Well, mostly. Like I mentioned above, we are only using these at night. They are not completely waterproof, but they do prevent huge messes. Smaller messes= pajamas and the sheet under here are damp, but not completely soaked. We have been limited beverages after dinner and making sure to potty before bedtime, so it's getting better. When Ezra gets older, I'll make some smaller ones to use for her potty training, but might hold off on the nighttime use of these until there is a little more control.
     Opinion? I think if you covered the entire training pant with the PUL fabric, it would be more waterproof. This is essentially what the fabric was intended for...covering cloth diapers. ..and it would also cost a lot more.That fabric costs about $15/yard. Also, even though it would be more bulky, adding more than two layers of flannel would add more absorbency. 
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