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DIY Preschool Recap Sept 10-14, 2012

     Our DIY preschool looks a little different this week. As I thought about what to focus on, I realized the big E knows all of her letters. There is no point in teaching what the letters are if she already knows them, so I've added a couple of things to our board this week.
    My favorite new addition is the calendar. I bought a magnetic calendar (see bottom of post) to help her learn the days of the week and the months of the year. This will also serve as a visual for her to see when things are happening. There are all kinds of pre-made event magnets (like dance class, family visiting, dentist, etc) that you can add to your calendar. We have been singing the calendar songs found here.
    I also added a weekly weather graph and color of the day envelope. I thought the weather graph would be really easy for her, but she sometimes has a hard time with the days that are not so obvious. Any science we can throw in can't hurt.
     You might also notice the space in the lower right corner of our board. This is for skills of any kind. On this day, it was a pattern activity (what comes next). I plan to use this to focus on patterns, sequencing, same/different, sorting, equal groups, etc.
    I've done a better job implementing "Workboxes" this week. You can see a picture of our workboxes in the bottom middle of the collage. Basically, I fill them up with stuff to do. She has to go in order (the boxes are numbered). There is a mix of things she can do on her own, and things she needs a little help with. She can do workboxes while I'm getting other school things ready or when she has free time during the day. Today the boxes included 1)Kumon cutting page 2) "T" is for puzzle 3)Train craft 4) "T" hunt page 5) easy reader sight word book 6) ABC puzzle.
     The binder in front of the workboxes is for our ABC book. Each letter has a two page spread where we glue pictures of things that begin with the letter and we will store our ABC craft projects. Eventually, we will have a page for each letter.
Top: A new board
Bottom: (Left) pattern cards (middle) workboxes and ABC book (right) calendar, books, etc
Here is what we did this week (and where you can find the printables)
Letter: Tt
Word: the
Theme: Transportation

Daily Board Activities:
Awana verse and application (this comes from the book she got at AWANA)
Put day on calendar
Put up today is_____, yesterday was _____, and tomorrow will be ____ cards
the weather outside graph
Sing ABC's practicing one-to-one correspondence (pointing to the right letter as you say it)
Do special skill activity
Read the easy reader

Other activities spread throughout the week:

  • T is for cards, look at them, use in a picture sort (I cut off the words and she sorted which words are "t"words and which are "L" words -We did "L" last week) Add to ABC book, look for "t" everywhere, play a game with "t" and "l"
  • Make "t" out of playdough, write it on the chalkboard, match capitals and lowercase Tt and Ll (on chalkboard), Do BrainQuest's learn to write "T" page
  • tape the words "see" and "the" to magnetic fishing toy pieces. Read the word you get
  • Read Freight Train by Donald Crews, Red Light, Green Light by Anastasia Suen, and What James Likes Best by Amy Schwartz ---Find "T's  and the word "the" in the stories
  • Transportation songs and poems (from Day by Day book)
  • make a long pattern  (see picture above)
  • Train craft: Ordinal numbers Red car first, pink car last, etc
  • ABC craft T (tractor)
  • turtle puzzle
  • letter t letter hunt page
Supplies Used this week:

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