Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY Preschool Recap Sept 17-28, 2012

     Yup, you read that right. We spent two weeks on this post. There was a dishwasher repair, family visits and other things happening that didn't allow enough time to get it all done in one week. Like I said in my first post, sometimes life gets in the way.
     This week(s) theme was family, specifically those that live in our house. Hh was the letter of the week, 3 the number, and "and" the word. We went to Conner Prairie this weekend, and big E identified the word "and" on a sign. I was pretty impressed that she is taking the knowledge and using it outside of school time.

Daily Activities:
AWANA verse & activities
Calendar time: add day, count days, sing days of week, months, today is...
color, number, letter, word of week review
Sing ABC's while point to the correct letter (one-to-one correspondence)
Skill of day: What's wrong with this picture (from BrainQuest book), Split crayons into equal groups, Graph after counting magnetic letters, order objects largest to smallest
Read Easy Reader

Other Activities:
Look at H is for page, cut those apart
Use H is for page and T is for page cutouts to sort by beginning sounds
Add H is for pictures to our Alpha-book (pictured here)
Look for "H" everywhere (stores, books, etc)
Pass out three animal cookies to each person for a snack
spell "and" with playdoh or magnetic letters
look for "and" in books and on signs
review sight words: "and, the, see" fishing game (magnetic fish, read the word when caught)
review sight words: pick up game (throw down cards with words, and she picks up what I call out)
Read families-themed books: Lucky Pennies and Hot Chocolate, Day by Day, and Julius, the Baby of the World
Make H letter craft
Helping Hands craft (trace hands, tell ways to help around house) "H", calendar
H puzzle
Kumon cutting page

Sort biggest to smallest (left), picture sort (right)

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