Thursday, October 25, 2012

Denim Bibs

     I hate when jeans get holes in them. I also hate when they don't fit anymore...although lately, mine aren't fitting because they are too big!
     I figured there was something I could make out of them, so I started saving unusable jeans. A thought came to me as I was sorting thought Big E's clothes. All of the bibs we used for her are disgusting. They look terrible. I would never take them into public. So, I thought that jeans would make really good bibs. They are dark and heavy so stuff wouldn't soak through to the clothes underneath. Besides, Little E needs a few things that aren't hand-me-downs anyhow.
     Basically, I took a bib we already had and made a pattern from it. If you don't have a bib laying around, you could probably find a pattern on the internet. After I had my pattern cut, I just added cute stuff and a snap. Here's the result:

  • Create a pattern for a bib by tracing an existing one, or print a pattern from the Internet. Make it slightly larger than you want the bib to be to allow for seams.
  • Cut two pieces for each bib; one denim and one backing fabric.
  • Sew ribbons, fabric, or whatever decoration you want onto the denim piece.
  • Put right sides together on both pieces and sew together. Leave a couple inches open so you can flip it  the right way to finish the bib.
  • Flip the bib the right way and pin up the hole. Sew around the edges for a finished look.
  • Add velcro or snaps for a closure.
Extra details:
The backing on each bib pictured matches the fabric on the front. I just used leftover fabric scraps and ribbon.
I used a zig-zag stitch to sew around the butterfly.
Craft stores sell iron on patches and words that would be cute on these bibs too.

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