Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY Preschool: Pumpkins

     This is the first year that Big E is pretty excited about Halloween. She loves dressing up. She loves the pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins. She loves going to show her costume to the rest of the family. All the cousins have corresponding outfits to promenade to various houses. This year, they were all superheroes. We had Captain America, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Batman and Wonder Woman were super girly and glittery costumes complete with tutu's.

      Leading up to Halloween (and rounding out the rest of the week, actually) we focused on Pumpkins.There are so many activities to do with pumpkins that we have spent a couple of weeks on this theme. We have reviewed some of what we have already done, and learned a few new things too.

Daily Skills:
AWANA verse & activities
Calendar time: add day, count days, sing days of week, months, today is...
color, number, letter, word of week review F and E, 5/6, is/for
Sing ABC's while point to the correct letter (one-to-one correspondence)
Skill of day: from Pumpkin Printables

Other Activities:
Look at F and E is for pages, cut those apart
Use F and E is for page cutouts to sort by beginning sounds
Add F or E is for pictures to our Alpha-book (pictured here)
Look for "F" and "E" everywhere (stores, books, etc)
Put snack in groups of 5/6, give each person 5/6
spell words with playdoh or magnetic letters
look for words in books and on signs
review sight words: "and, the, see, can" fishing game (magnetic fish, read the word when caught)
review sight words: pick up game (throw down cards with words, and she picks up what I call out)
Read families-themed books: The Biggest Pumpkin Ever, The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, and Pumpkins
Pumpkin Printables
Starfall.com "F and E", calendar

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