Monday, April 22, 2013

Diaper Box Storage

     Anyone need extra storage? If your house is like mine, it was obviously designed by someone who didn't have any stuff. My kitchen has a whole wall that could have cabinets on it, but it's just bare. My plan is to build a hutch for that, but that is a post for another day. For today, I have a cheap and easy solution to some of my storage needs.
     We have lots of diaper boxes. Some of them are currently holding things for a big yard sale, but some were just being saved for a rainy day. On Pinterest one day, I saw people recovering their diaper boxes with fabric to turn them into beautiful storage. Well, fabric is expensive...and we get the big diaper boxes. Seriously, the cheapest fabric I could find that would come close to fitting my decor was . I also found some using wrapping paper. This would probably be fine if you mod podged it on so it wouldn't tear. My solution is a little different.
     I was looking at storage boxes at the store one day, and saw one that would fit perfectly above my kitchen cabinets. You know, the unused vertical space between your cabinets and the ceiling. I thought this would be the perfect space to put things you don't use very often. The problem was that basket was $20! Seriously, I was going to buy 3 or 4 of them. That was just not going to work for me. That particular basket had stripes on it, and I thought I could do that would yarn and a diaper box. Originally, I set out to find a few colors of coordinating yarn to do stripes, but then I found some bulky yarn on clearance for $1.99 that matched the greens and browns in my house. I also bought some contact paper to cover the print on the diaper box...because yarn is hard to get so close together that you can't see what's under it.
     The result: An over the cabinet "basket"...Now, I just have to make about 10 more of these!
  • Cut diaper box top off and trim sides down to fit your space if needed.
  • Cover box with contact paper. You could stop here I guess, but I was going for a different look.
  • Wrap yarn around the box until covered. I used glue to secure it every now and then.

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